Principle autos and also customized vehicles are wildly popular among car connoisseurs. Every year, countless individuals trek to the thousands of vehicle shows around the world to take a look at the latest, most cutting-edge autos. There are constantly businesses attempting to press the boundaries of aesthetic appeals, environmental issues, as well as technological achievements.

And then there are those few unique modelers that craft absolutely one-of-a-kind, peculiar, and also often-ridiculous idea cars to display. Usually built simply to amass attention and also turn heads, these crazy vehicles often come to be the focal point of lots of display rooms.

When it comes to creating a distinct car and truck, the sky is the limit (as most of these designers reveal) and also a lot of these vehicles could be taken into consideration masterpieces. Sometimes concept automobiles are built to advertise something, such as Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile, while various other times they are simply the creation of eccentric designers, who construct the devices just since they can, while blatantly overlooking trivialities such as ‘since they should.’ Right here are 15 of the most absurd concept autos ever built.