Not all pick-ups are like luxury autos these days– you can still get ’em on the inexpensive.

Today’s new pickup trucks can set you back almost 6 numbers if you go nuts with the choices and also choose the heaviest-duty engine choices. But despite these workhorses’ newfound high-end capacity, it remains possible to buy one on the cheap. Well, as long as you’re fine missing points like natural leather seats, huge touchscreens, and also various other car-like details and sticking near the vehicle’s entry-level cost.

So, what exactly are those base costs? We have actually gone model-by-model via every pickup you can get today and chose the least expensive variation of everyone. And then we ranked them all by price, from highest possible to least expensive. So click on for some bare-bones pickup-truck goodness, in addition to suggestions on exactly how to configure each truck for its most affordable MSRP. (Tip: Oftentimes, you’ll have to pass up back seats, four-wheel drive, and also fabric surfaces.).