The 25 cars on this checklist are all very unusual and also really costly. The producers of the cars listed right here are popular for their high-performance, expensive, high-end vehicles. However, even companies like Lamborghini as well as Ferrari and also Bugatti would certainly not have actually consistently priced vehicles provided at the outrageous quantities provided right here. No, the cars that are really the rarest and also most expensive are the automobiles handed over to one-offs, limited editions, special problems, and uncommon finds.

Generally, they’re commemorative vehicles, celebrating a car firm’s 50th anniversary or something, or they’re automobiles that won a massive race back in the ’50s and also ’60s, or they’re autos that were made prominent after Steve McQueen drove them around in movies. What makes these vehicles costly and uncommon might be variations between each model, yet there’s one common measure– they’re all special for one reason or another. You will not see a normal Lamborgini Aventador selling for $10 million, as an example, since there are hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of them on the road. But you could see a Lamborghini Veneno costing near to $5 million since there are a lot less of them and also they were built for a unique objective (which this post will certainly get involved in).

With any luck you will not be disappointed by what you locate below– it’s an equal mix of old and new, supercars and deluxe vehicles. Below are 25 of the rarest automobiles in the world, and also just how much they set you back.