It’s not always easy to change auto. There are a lot of points that need to go together in order to create something that looks tidy and stylish, yet powerful. It sounds so basic, however, it’s so very easy to overdo it. And then there’s picking the paint as well as the wheels, either one can make or damage completion outcome.

To make it much harder, some cars barely have any type of aftermarket parts readily available, meaning things will need to be custom made, or modified from various other autos. Most of those tasks wind up resembling they’ve been repeatedly hit with the unsightly stick.

Other cars and trucks seem to have too many aftermarket components offered, so the proprietors end up picking points that do not truly go together, making the cars and truck resemble it was constructed in the dark. By a blind person.

These overly customized aren’t all bad however, they have their objective – to make us laugh.

The autos on this listing array from being slightly overdone, which could be conveniently fixed if the owner wants to toss some even more cash at it, to those that are so excessively modified that the car is practically worthless to any individual yet the person who developed it as well as the humane thing would certainly be to just junk it.

Let’s take a better look at some cars where the proprietors took the modifications way too far.